Last Edited: 29 Mar, 2024
Author: Cristina Holm

Best clothing brands for your shape 

Where should you shop for your shape? Let me guide you to the right brands  

Why is it that some brands are more suitable for your shape than others?

Well, in this blog I will explain and share which UK clothing brands are better for some shapes than others.

First of all, brands create styles according to their target market, so some are for ladies in their 20s or 30s and so on.

Which fabrics are used depends upon cost, hence why brands like Shein, Boohoo and Asos are mainly for a younger audience and those on a tight budget.  They use the cheapest fabrics which are synthetic (like polyester, polyamide, nylon and acrylic).

Unfortunately these are not great for our environment, which is why I am an advocate for buying better when you can afford to do so.

However, the single best course of action with our planet in mind is to wear out what you buy.  In both senses.  Which is why I help you find clothes you look great wearing (and avoid those which don’t) so you wear them often.

For example, not all trends complement every body shape – so don’t get caught out.  The best trend to follow is to always look great in what you wear!

“Not all trends complement every body shape – so don’t get caught out.  The best trend to follow is to always look great in what you wear. “

Now, let’s get back to the matter at hand.  You do need to understand your shape, so here’s what to do:

Check out my blog on body shapes, that should give you an idea.  Here is the link:

Body Shapes blog

However, if you still remain unclear, check out my new website, My Secret Stylist, where by simply adding 3 body measurements and your height, you can not only understand your body shape, but also be guided to which styles of clothes (for all garment types) will look best on you.

This is a subscription service.  It costs £35.99 for a year’s membership, however you can also sign up for a month for just £5.99.

Alternatively, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download another app I created a decade ago, calledMy Shape Stylistwhere you can understand your body shape for free.

In addition, for a small fee, my iOS app shows you which styles (in beautiful illustrations) are good for you across all garment types. 

It even shares those styles you should avoid (and this is very helpful if you’re intrigued to know what’s in your wardrobe that shouldn’t be!)

Scale Matters

Beyond your body shape, your height and sizing influences where you should shop too. 

So, if you are Petite (5′ 3″ and below) or Tall (5′ 7″ and above), or a plus size curvy girl, here are more specific guides to help you find brands which best cater for you:

My Petite blog

My Tall blog

My Curvy blog

Retailers don’t design by Shape

Below is my list of UK brands and retailers which are better for some shapes than others.

However, just remember that brands and retailers don’t specifically design for body shapes.

This means that any brand can sometimes cater for you, which is why My Secret Stylist is so clever, as it focuses on your lovely shape.  So, you never miss out on finding what looks best on you.  No matter the brand.

How great is that?

Column / Straight Shape

Brands that are great for Column / Straight shapes include:


Bella di Notte



Marks & Spencer


Pure Collection


Triangular /

Pear Shape

Brands that are great for Pear / Triangular shapes are:

Joe Browns

Jolie Moi

Love & Rose


Nobody’s Child

Phase Eight

Ted Baker

Inverted Triangle / Sporty Shape

Brands that are great for Inverted Triangle / Sporty shapes are:




Mint Velvet



River Island

Oval / Apple Shape

Brands that are great for Apple / Oval shapes are:



Marks & Spencer



White Stuff

Hourglass Shape

Brands that are great for an Hourglass shape are:

French Connection




Nobody’s Child



Cristina Holm

Cristina Holm is one of the UK’s leading personal stylists. Cristina is based and operates from her studio in Warfield, Berkshire (United Kingdom).  She serves clients locally and internationally.

Cristina is also the founder of My Secret Stylist, the UK’s best kept clothes shopping secret.  For £5.99 per month or (great value) £35.99 per year, you can find and ‘see in seconds’ clothes which complement your body shape across all the popular brands.  For more information, go to