Cristina Holm


The Personal Image Stylist with the magical touch!




I have over 30 years’ experience in fashion and more than half that as a personal image stylist




Find the ‘you’ that you’ve always wanted to be and a wardrobe you wear


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Cristina Holm

The Personal Image Stylist with the magical touch!

If you have ever watched fashion makeovers on the TV and wished you too could be advised by an expert, then look no further.

My name is Cristina Holm. I have over 30 years’ experience in fashion and more than half that as a personal image stylist.

I have a reputation for transforming the way my customers ’look and feel’ about themselves, because we all know that when we look good, we feel great, and that’s what I love doing most, making my customers feel FABULOUS!

Whatever your budget, whether you’re tiny or tall, knowing what suits your unique body shape and which colour tones complement your complexion can be life changing. So don’t let simple things like sorting out your wardrobe get in your way.

Whatever your age, race, shape or size – email me now and let’s make a start on your transformation and let’s find the you that you’ve always wanted to be.

Struggling to find clothes you look great wearing?

With more than 4,000 female body shapes, no wonder it’s tricky finding clothes you look great wearing. Let me demystify the science behind clothes which look great on you and show you how to put this into practise, for a wardrobe you love and wear.

A bursting wardrobe but “nothing to wear”?

Did you know that most people only wear between 40-70% of what’s in their wardrobe? That’s 30-60% that’s wasted and a lot of money wasted too. The great news is I help my customers create a wardrobe they 100% wear.

No landfill here… just a wardrobe of clothes you love wearing, which dramatically reduces your fashion waste and improves your bank balance by doing so. Plus, with almost 10% of all carbon emissions attributed to fashion, my customers say they love how they feel, knowing they are making a difference to our planet, by simply choosing the right clothes which they wear more often and for longer.

No Time to Shop for Clothes?

Many of my customers are busy women and their time is precious. They barely have time to contact me, let alone shop for themselves. Definitely no time for dealing with the hassle of returns or pulling together outfits for those special occasions which often leaves them in a tailspin.

If this is you, let me do the legwork for you! All you need to do is get in contact and I’ll do the rest.

“Cristina has an amazing ability to identify outfits and styles that are perfectly suited to making the most of your shape – whatever it is. You’ll look good and feel confident, and she will change how you shop forever!”

Georgina (Petite/Column)

“Cristina has given me confidence in knowing my colours and picking out items which I can dress up and down and mix & match. Perfect for me!  Thank you Cristina”

Jeanette (Lean Column)

“Cristina has made a tremendous difference to my wardrobe. It’s now so easy to put an outfit together, I just don’t have to think about it anymore. Everything co-ordinates and I know it’s just going to fit.”

Andrea (Lean Column)

Fed up with clothes you no longer need?

When it’s time to refresh your wardrobe (or when your lifestyle or shape changes) I promote reuse and recycling.

I recommend The Salvation Army as they have invested in excellent technology to minimise how many clothes they send to landfill (or incineration) which is less than 0.2% and leading the way in the U.K.

For more details please see the link HERE, however if you shop at Tesco, Asda or Morrisons perhaps you’ve already seen their black and red shield recycling containers at almost all their stores.