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Cristina Holm – the only stylist in the world to offer 3D body scanning as part of her services

As any professional fashion stylist will tell you, the key to looking good is dressing for your body shape. This is why I invested in a 3D body scanner, back in 2008, which I use as part of my ‘Shape & Style’ consultation.

My years of research has established more than 4,000 body shapes exist for women alone. So it’s no wonder why clothing garments don’t suit everyone – even though you wear the same size.

Of course as an expert fashion stylist I can measure you manually. However, I am proud to be the only image stylist in the world to offer 3D body scanning as part of my services. This remains state-of-the-art technology and measures ‘your chin to your shin’ within 2mm accuracy, quickly and efficiently.

“Cristina has an amazing ability to identify outfits and styles that are perfectly suited to making the most of your shape – whatever it is. You’ll look good and feel confident, and she will change how you shop forever!”

Georgina (Petite/Column)

“Cristina has given me confidence in knowing my colours and picking out items which I can dress up and down and mix & match. Perfect for me!  Thank you Cristina”

Jeanette (Lean Column)

“Cristina has made a tremendous difference to my wardrobe. It’s now so easy to put an outfit together, I just don’t have to think about it anymore. Everything co-ordinates and I know it’s just going to fit.”

Andrea (Lean Column)

My Secret Stylist

My new online personal styling service for women

For clothes you can buy, all in one place, across all the popular brands.  An annual subscription service – for as little as £3 per month.

You may know me from My Secret Stylist. My Secret Stylist helps you quickly source clothes that you can be confident will suit your unique body shape.

I founded the company to make styling services affordable to every woman, everywhere, as everyone deserves to look great in what they wear. My online service is specifically designed for those who:

lack confidence finding what looks great

find clothes shopping frustrating and too often a waste of time or money (or both)

don’t have the time yet still want to look great

want to be more eco-friendly in what they wear, but simply don’t know where to start

Using my extensive understanding of fashion styling and combining this with my team of stylists and technical wizards, My Secret Stylist provides subscribers with the next best thing to having me on hand 24/7.

Finding you clothes which you look great wearing, which you can buy directly from the brands websites, with complete confidence. There’s no bias or commission from brands. Just a service that’s all about you, to be the best you.

To find out more go to: www.mysecretstylist.co.uk