Last Edited: 16 Dec, 2023
Author: Cristina Holm

Best Clothing Tips for Tall Women

Fashion’s Little Magician, Personal Stylist, Cristina Holm, explains how to style for the taller lady

As I’m sure all tall women know, height can be both a blessing and a curse.  Whilst it can offer confidence and glamour, the challenge of finding clothes that fit properly at 5ft 8” and above can be frustrating.  You may find yourself wishing you weren’t tall at all after a lifetime of clothes being too tight or too short.  So here are some of my best clothing tips for tall women.

I have worked with taller ladies who wish to show off their height, and those who prefer to minimise it.  My top tips below offer guidance for both, helping you feel confident in your body no matter what.

Just remember this: always dress for your body shape!  Your height plays an important role in styling, but your main focus should be on your figure.  If you have the time, read my How to dress for your body shape’ blog to learn more on this too.

Skinny jeans

Whilst tall women can look great in almost any style of trouser, tight jeans flatter long legs, enhancing and celebrating your height.  What’s more, skinny jeans are often made longer than other styles, making them more likely to fit tall women.

Embrace colours and patterns

A benefit of your height means you can afford to experiment with bright colours and loud patterns without creating an overcrowded look.  A statement top can also draw attention away from the legs, for those aiming to distract from their height.

“But remember: always dress for your body shape! Your height plays an important role in styling, but your main focus should be on your figure.”

Avoid monochromatic looks

In accordance with the previous tip, tall women should always be cautious of wearing the same colour head-to-toe.  It can make your body look overly long and stretched out.

Instead, break up your height with different coloured tops and bottoms to create the illusion of a more balanced look and shorter frame.

Stop at the hips

Avoid long tops that stretch beyond your hips so as to not set your figure off balance and make you look even taller than you are.

A more cropped fit will also highlight the waist, adding shape and definition to your lengthy frame. 

“Make sure to check out these stores, and say goodbye to buying larger sizes just to ensure adequate coverage.”

Midi and maxi dresses 

This is a great option for women who feel a mini dress puts a little too much skin on display.  Long dresses work effortlessly to show-off your legs and balance out your tall figure, also creating an elegant look.


Your height is already your greatest accessory, yet don’t be afraid to incorporate some statement pieces into your outfits.  A longer and larger physique means big necklaces and bags won’t swamp you, as they do on shorter women.

Shop early in the season

Size availability will often be an issue the later you shop each season.  That’s the case for all sizes, however the number that are manufactured are less for taller women in the first place, so shop early to both maximise your choice and to avoid disappointment.

My favourite UK shops for tall women

Best stores for tall women

Many retailers these days have extended their size range to accommodate for taller women, making it easier than ever to shop for clothes that fit your longer frame.

M&S, Next, Karen Millen and Wallis are all examples of long-leg-friendly retailers, having specific ranges dedicated to tall shoppers.  Think longer tops, dresses, and skirts, as well as jeans that will actually reach your ankles.  Long Tall Sally is an affordable online clothing store that caters solely for women 5’8” and above, selling everything from bridesmaid dresses to bikinis.  These brands provide a good range of affordable jeans for taller women and for those with higher budgets, designer brands NYDJ offer a ‘Tall’ range as does Paige (who call them ‘Extra Long’), offering everything from skinny to wide leg styles.

Make sure to check out these stores, so you say goodbye to buying larger sizes simply to ensure adequate coverage!

Just don’t fret if you’re still struggling or need guidance on creating outfits (especially regarding your body shape).

That’s why I am here to help, so please never hesitate to get in touch.  I have a number of clients who benefit from my services, all undertaken online.  I’m just an email away:

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