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Last Edited: Author: FollowFollowFollow Best clothing brands for your shape Where should you shop for your shape? Let me guide you to the right brands Why is it that some brands are more suitable for your shape than others? Well, in this blog I will explain and share which UK clothing brands are better for some shapes than others. First of all, brands create styles according to their target market, so some are for ladies
Last Edited: Author: FollowFollowFollow Best clothing for curvy women You are beautiful no matter what shape or size you are, but what and where to shop?  I am here to help. We women are so critical about our bodies, so let me start by challenging you… what part of your body do you love? Focus upon all your best bits and learn to create visual illusions and balance when dressing the parts of your body
Last Edited: Author: FollowFollowFollow How should you dress in your 50s? Now that’s a great question, and the answer will depend upon your lifestyle and your style personality. Not that many years ago women in their 50s tended to dress very similarly and conservatively and boringly sensible. For example, you would never see a 50+ woman in jeans, never mind one in her 60s or her 70s. Thank goodness those days have long since gone
Last Edited: Author: FollowFollowFollow How to make an outfit look expensive Firstly, ignore the label! Designer wardrobe without the cost?  Yes please. It only takes a few small tweaks to take an outfit from ragged to runway without emptying your pockets every time you go shopping. Here are my top-tips for elevating an affordable wardrobe. Know your body shape The best fashion advice I can give you is to understand your body shape. Especially when
A wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear
Last Edited: Author: FollowFollowFollow Why do I need a personal stylist? No longer considered a luxury, employing a personal stylist can save you time and money, and seriously boost your confidence Employing a personal stylist to help you choose what to wear is no longer just a service enjoyed by the rich and famous. As more and more of us recognise the need to spend money wisely, a personal stylist can actually leave you financially