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Author: Cristina Holm

What are my colours for the new fashion season?

Knowing what colours suit you can dramatically transform how you feel.  Find out what YOUR colours are.

Are there any colours that you know just don’t suit you and yet you’ve seen them on other people and they look great?  If so, then it’s probably down to your complexion, hair and eye colour.

Knowing and finding the right colours that suit you and avoiding colours you don’t, can really change how you look and feel.  It’s not a fad or the latest gimmick, we genuinely do look and feel better wearing some colours more than others.  For example, what emotions do you associate with yellow?  Now what about black?  How about red?

The colours we wear, as well as see, can make a significant difference to both our mood and how others see us.

It’s for this reason I recommend my clients have a colour consultation to find out what colours best suit them before we start looking at the right styles for their shape.

When you get your colours right, you look healthier, appear more vibrant, and even look younger.

It can also be a great pick me up when you are feeling a little low or flat.

On the other hand, wearing the wrong colours can make you look drained or even poorly.  The best thing is, you only need a colour consultation once in your life, so it’s a great investment.

Particularly the earlier you do it!  Trust me, you’ll save a small fortune in the long run.

Worth every penny

There are other benefits to ‘knowing your colours’.  This includes how much easier it makes it to buy new clothes.

Plus you’ll need fewer clothes as you’ll be able to mix and match garments to create lots of different outfits as garments with complementing colour tones work well together.

Hence why the initial cost of a colour consultation is worth every penny.

If you’ve yet to have your colours analysed (to find out which tones complement your skin tone), doing so before the start of a shopping spree if worth your while.

The Autumn/Winter 2023 trends have hit the shops, so first things first is to see if what you already own can form part of the foundation of your new season’s wardrobe?

This will help establish whether it’s time to invest in some new garments, without completely changing your wardrobe (which is expensive, unnecessary and far from eco-friendly too).

This way you can focus on the new season colours you really like and ones which boost your mood.

Here is a link via my friends at Kettlewell, to help you find a colour expert to assist.  You will find me listed here too:

find a colour consultant here

Just one thing, do make sure your stylist is well trained and has all the tools to do your consultation properly, and please check their reviews.

Don’t worry if your finances can’t stretch to employing an expert, as I have another blog, a ‘colour analysis’ DIY guide to help you, the link of which is at the end of this blog.

It’s no way as good as having a professional consultation but you will find it helpful.

By the way, a colour consultation also makes a great gift.  See my Gift Voucher page for more information.

Colour fan

“There are two main methods of colour analysis.  The ‘seasons’ and ‘tonal’ systems.  Both are accurate.  The tonal system is just more detailed.  However, your season is easier to remember!”

Colour Consultations – Tonal or Seasons?

There are two main methods to analyse the colour tones which complement your skin tone.  One is called “seasons” and the other is the “tonal system”.  There are four seasons and six tones.  I always explain both systems to my clients.  Both are accurate, but the tonal system is more detailed.  Most people, however, find their “season” easier to remember.

If you have ever heard someone mention what “season” they are, it is a sure sign they’ve had their colours analysed.

Are you Warm or Cool?

The starting point for both systems is to identify whether you are best suited to warm or cool tones.  This is simply done using gold and silver drapes.  I’ve taken a photo of mine to help explain.  Top left is bright gold, top right is antique gold.  Bottom left is antique silver and bottom right is bright silver.

Cristina Holm - drapes for Gold

If the warm (gold) tones suit you best, you are either a Spring or Autumn.  If cool (silver) tones suit you better, you are either a Summer or Winter.

Below you will see how I have split the coming 2023 Autumn/Winter season’s colours into four: for Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter.  Once you have identified which “season” is you, you will be able to see the accompanying palette of clothes that are coming into the shops now, that will suit your unique complexion.

Remember to take it with you when you go clothes shopping to help you buy wisely.  Trust me, get your colours right and you’ll be in for a mood boosting experience.  As you never get bored of hearing others tell you “how well you look”.

Spring palette (AW23)

You are a ‘bright gold’ person. Bright or light colours with warm tones suit you best.



Autumn palette (AW23)

You are an ‘antique gold’ person. Deep or soft colours with warm tones suit you best.



Summer palette (AW23)

You are an ‘bright silver’ person. Light or soft colours with cool tones suit you best.



AW23 Summer Palette

Winter palette (AW23)

You are an ‘antique silver’ person. Deep and bright colours with cool tones suit you best.



AW23 Winter Palette

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