Get ready for Spring – Summer 2024 fashion

What’s on trend and what should you be looking for?

I’m posting this blog early (it’s wishful thinking at the start of February to think Spring has already arrived) however new season clothes are starting to appear online and in stores, so you need to read this now.

Your starting point, before whipping out your credit card is to consider what you already have.  As I say, this is a little premature to act now, however this is the process you should follow when the time is right:

Firstly start with taking out all your Spring/Summer clothing and check everything is fitting nicely and you are still happy with each item.

If some of these items look a bit worn or you’ve lost or gained weight (or changed shape), then consider upcycling them first (check out my new blog and videos on YouTube for guidance).

If they are worn out or no longer fit your needs it’s maybe time to retire them, and this becomes your guide to your new season shopping ‘wish list’.

If you have organised your wardrobe into your lifestyle capsules (one for Work, one for Rest, one for Play) you will more quickly see the gaps.

Just have a think about the season ahead… do you have any special events?  Has there been any changes to your lifestyle?  As these answers should help focus your buying needs.

Trends for SS24

Read on to learn the key trends for the forthcoming Spring / Summer season for 2024 (aka ‘SS24’).

This will help you know what to expect and so you can plan ahead.

Just remember my golden rule, which is to only invest in styles which complement your unique body shape.

Remember, if you’ve signed up to My Secret Stylist, you’ll clearly know what’s going to be a hit or miss.

Tops for SS24

The polo is back, so if you have a short neck make sure you have it open and choose a collar that is narrow.

Paired with shorts and jeans if you want a casual look or with a straight to wide leg trousers or skirt for that ‘going out’ look.

“Just remember my golden rule, which is to only invest in styles which complement your unique shape.”

Shirts & Blouses for SS24

Expect sequins with sheer fabrics and floral patterns. 

Great for your work wardrobe with a pair of trousers or skirt or your going out (play) capsule paired with jeans or trousers.

Cardigans for SS24

Expect to see long cardigans that flow over a shift dress or pencil skirt with a crisp white shirt, or well fitted high rise trousers with a fitted polo shirt.

Jackets for SS24

Plenty of trench coats, biker jackets and a flowy cardigan style jacket (a must have for an Inverted Triangle), to go with your work, rest and play capsule wardrobes.

Blazers for SS24

Formality is back with blazers.  I recommend to make sure it is well fitted, unless you are a tall girl (what I define as 5ft7 and above) as the loftier frame is able to carry this off. 

Pair a blazer with a fitted or cropped top or smart shirt or blouse.

Oversized blazers can be worn with shorts or skinny jeans for a great going out (Play) outfit.

Dresses for SS24

Expect white lace, plenty of embroidery, with sheer, tiered skirts and floral (e.g. rose) patterns and designs.

Flared and maxis are still trending, as are the popular shift styles.

For a more casual look, wear with a jumper, just be cautious if you are Petite (i.e. below 5ft 3″) and make sure it’s not too big or loose to avoid swamping your frame.

“Flared and maxi dresses are still trending, as are the popular shift styles”

Jeans for SS24

Big and baggy jeans are in for the Spring/Summer 2024.

High-waist and wide-legs are back on all the runways and provide maximum impact.

Again be careful if you are Petite as these styles will swamp you.  Instead opt for a classic skinny/slim style instead.

Trousers for SS24

Similar to jeans, expect to see high rise trousers and wide leg designs.

If you have a short torso, remember that a high rise style will crop your upper half even more, so I recommend avoiding and choosing standard or lower rises to maintain that all important balance.

Skirts for SS24

Expect to see tiered and pencil styles and semi-transparent lingerie style fabric.

Maxi skirts is still bang on trend, and great for all heights.

Expect ruched and asymmetricals, along with frills and tassels. 

If you plan to wear a sheer / semi-transparent skirt but don’t want to reveal too much skin, wear with a pair of leggings or tights in a matching colour.

Shorts for SS24

‘Short’ shorts are coming back!

If, like me, you are uncomfortable or not too happy with your legs, I recommend wearing them with tights in matching colour.

Make sure the tights are well fitted so they slim your legs and avoid buying too big.

Fabrics for SS24

You will see plenty of metallics, lace, sheer, sequins and details such as a pom pom or a brooch or tassels or frills creating interest.

Remember such detailing attracts the eye so location is key in order to complement your body shape.

The Dress

Dresses for this season are floral roses with tiered and flowy full skirts.

Maxi lengths are great for all heights but be careful if you are a Petite height if there’s too much volume as this will swamp you.

So, if you are Petite, opt for a straight or pencil style instead.

Regarding patterns, for best effect consider your scale and match with the appropriate pattern size.

For example, if you are Tall, like the lady in this photo, large prints look great on you.

However, for those of us who are Petite, choose patterns that are smaller as these will better complement you.

The Skirt

Skirts for the forthcoming Spring and Summer 2024 season include pencil and straight styles with sheer or patterned fabrics.

Frills and pompoms are in too, but be aware to understand what they do at the widest parts of your body.

For example, avoid if these details are at your hips if you’re a Pear shape.

Similarly, hip details are great for an Inverted Triangle or Lean Column shape.

The High Waisted Trousers

High-Waisted trousers are back, with pleats and volume around the hips.

These are great style if you are Tall.

However, if you are a Petite height and in particular a Pear shape, you should really avoid this trouser style and opt a more slim line and fitted style.

With regards to body proportions, the high waisted style looks great if you have a standard to long torso, but are simply a no-go for those with a short torso as it really unbalances you.

The Frills & Details

Details on clothing can make a huge difference to create balance in all the right places on your body.

Let me explain…

If you are a sporty shape (i.e. like an Inverted Triangle) wearing garments with frills, or larger patterns or details like lace on the lower part of your body, will look particularly great as they create the illusion of an hourglass shape.

However, for a Pear shape, the last place you need to widen is your hip area.

Instead, opt for tops or shirts with shoulder details to broaden the appearance of your top half to be more in line with your hips.  Thus also creating that illusion of an hourglass shape.

The Fabrics

Metallics, lace, sheer and tassels are in for the SS24 season.

Remember, you may already have some styles in your wardrobe that you love and another option is to consider a little makeover?

Doing a little tweak (liking adding a tassel) means you can upcycle them for another season and avoid buying new altogether.

Please check out my Youtube channel for more ideas on this along with future blogs and my social media posts.

The Accessories

Platforms, kitten heels and loafers are all in for the season.  Along with mules with just a tease of toes on display.

Expect to also see slouch style knee high boots and feather slippers, the styles of which will make a statement for sure this season.

Cristina Holm

Cristina Holm is one of the UK’s leading personal stylists. Cristina is based and operates from her studio in Warfield, Berkshire (United Kingdom).  She serves clients locally and internationally.

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Last Edited: 4 Feb, 2024
Author: Cristina Holm