Style personalities.  Which one(s) are you?

Last Edited: 13 Nov, 2023
Author: Cristina Holm

Why do some women like wearing clothes you don’t like?

Here’s the thing, we all have a style personality or two and that’s what makes us different from one another.  Why do we have a style personality?  Let me explain.

Primarily, it’s a means of distinguishing ourselves from others and also as part of our social identity.  Different styles appeal to different kinds of people, for example, you might be a hipster, or a more traditional, conservative person.

There is no right or wrong.  It’s about being comfortable in what you wear.  It’s about feeling great because you know you look good.

Clothes influence how we look at someone. Wearing what makes you comfortable gives you confidence, and people will respect your individuality.  This is an essential detail of why fashion is important.

Being confident in your style will also be evident to others.  Signposted by these typical reactions:

  • People ask for your advice
  • They treat you as a role model
  • Nobody buys you clothes as a gift
  • Women compliment your outfits more than your appearance
  • Strangers pay you compliments

“Wearing smart, formal clothes makes us feel powerful, and that changes the way we see the world”

One thing I have always noticed when I’ve attended black tie functions, is how people always seem to be more confident and just stand that bit taller (and I don’t just mean in heels).  I love that! 

You can simply see that they feel great and that they know they are looking good.  This gives me a real buzz as it shows how our clothing can make us feel amazing.

Wearing smart, formal clothes makes us feel powerful, which also changes the way we see the world, as well as how others see us.

“Clothes influence how we look at someone. Wearing what makes you comfortable gives you confidence, and people will respect your individuality.  This is an essential detail of why fashion is important”

If you’d like to read more on this subject, check out this wonderfully insightful link:

Science of People – Fashion Psychology

Okay, so how do you find out about your style personality?  Well it comes down to some simple style questions and there are lots of quizzes on the internet to help you.  However, below is my own brief explanation on each primary style personality, to give you an idea of which may most closely represent you.

Just remember that you may be a mix of more than one and that’s perfectly normal.  I often find one personality style dominates as your primary, influenced by your lifestyle and in particular your working life.

Now personally, I consider myself a dramatic ‘classic’.  I think my primary classic traits are owing to the fact I’ve been in ‘customer facing’ roles throughout my career.

Interestingly, I’ve found each style personality has different needs of their stylist and one in particular who’s unlikely to ever read this blog.

The Natural

A ‘natural’ is relaxed and enjoys ease of movement.  A ‘natural’ loves the comfort of natural fabrics, wears jeans, cotton trousers/shorts, simple tops, little or no jewellery and little or no make up.

If a ‘natural’ wears classic clothing as part of their working life, they will take them off as soon as they get home.  Easy to care for, practical, hard wearing and non fussy clothing is what a ‘natural’ prefers.

A ‘natural’ benefits from a stylist who will help them extend beyond their comfort zone along with focus and attention to detail they prefer to avoid (such as shopping for themselves in the first place).

They experience ‘relief’.

The Classic

A ‘classic’ always look smart, neat and tidy, where everything worn appears coordinated. They enjoy a more formal look even when they are dressing casually.

If they wear jeans, these will be washed and quite often ironed.  Always with neat hair, and a small amount of make up.

A ‘classic’ avoids any fabrics that crease easily, such as linen and seeks outfits that retain a crisp appearance throughout the day. Shoes will be polished.  They wear understated jewellery.  A ‘classic’ enjoys shopping and wants quality, investment garments but rarely chooses high fashion.

A ‘classic’ benefits from a stylist’s speed and efficiency.  Saving them time and money and enjoying the second opinion.

They experience ‘assurance’.

The Dramatic

A ‘dramatic’ wants clothes that will trigger attention.  They love shopping though sometimes forget practicality and budget.  They buy high fashion or street fashion.

A ‘dramatic’ is likely to love hats, sunglasses (even when the sun is barely shining), wears statement jewellery and accessories and full make up is often a must.

A ‘dramatic’ needs to stand out from the crowd.  Shoes wise, a dramatic loves patterned, colourful statement shoes.  Platforms or heels are their most popular footwear.

A ‘dramatic’ benefits from a stylist through the organisation and wardrobe attention to detail.  Saving money in the process.

They experience ‘appreciation’.

The Creative

A ‘creative’ wants to be unique.  They have artistic flair and enjoy accessorising and altering their clothes to make sure there is no one else alike.

They love interesting patterns, textures, scarfs and like to accessorise their outfits with creative earrings and necklaces in wood, ceramic or unusual materials.

A ‘creative’ will spend hours looking for interesting items and loves shopping in unusual places, vintage stores and markets.

Few, if any ‘creatives’, will ever see value in a stylist.  I’d be surprised if one ever reads this blog.

They experience ‘frustration’ being told what to wear.

The Romantic

A ‘romantic’ is very well planned with their look.  They love feminine clothing with pretty details, such as bows, frills and lace.

A ‘romantic’ loves experimenting with new skincare products and always wears perfume.  They spend time on their grooming routine.

Floral prints and dangly jewellery will be popular and worn often.

A ‘romantic’ will benefit from a stylist through the discovery of new brands and time saving research.

They experience ‘satisfaction’.

The Contemporary

A ‘contemporary’ loves wearing the latest high street fashions.  They are very aware of the latest trends and will research magazines and online for tips and buy accordingly.

A ‘contemporary’ will buy off the peg as soon as the latest garments are in the shops, however she will shop selectively.  They often have a knack of coordinating new pieces with other outfits in their wardrobe.

A ‘contemporary’ will benefit from a stylist who can help by curating the most suitable options.  The second opinion is particularly beneficial as it avoids unnecessary waste or disappointment.

They experience ‘clarity’.

Cristina Holm

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