My lovely clients have given me some wonderful testimonials.

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“Cristina has had a transformative effect on my wardrobe - her expert eye on shape, style, colour and fabric means she will recommend exactly what is right for you according to your dimensions - so you will wear good quality clothes that fit and flatter, every time you dress.

Her advice is always spot on. I now never leave the house without my pocket 'shape and style' bible (which Cristina has just turned into an app!) It has helped me in a mass ‘weed out’ of my wardrobe and saved me a fortune on impulse buys I would have normally regretted. I now have a perfect wardrobe for all seasons and occasions and invaluable ground rules for future shopping. Also, everyone I know has noticed the difference!

Cristina has a wealth of knowledge on the technical detail of fashion and style and her approach is uncompromising yet respectful - recruiting her help is one of the best investments I have made.”

Petite & Perfect ‘Pear’ - London

“Cristina has made a tremendous difference to my wardrobe. It's now so easy to put an outfit together. I just don't have to think about it anymore. Everything coordinates and I know it's just going to fit.

I've had so many compliments since Cristina advised me on what styles suit my shape and people think I've lost weight but I haven't!"

5’4” Classic ‘Column’ - London

“Cristina has an amazing ability to identify outfits and styles that are perfectly suited to making the most of your shape – whatever it is. She’s also a master of mixing and matching, and using accessories to enhance your overall styling. Her advice is delivered in a simple and straightforward manner, making it easy to understand and follow, but the effect on how you look is remarkable.

You’ll not only look good and feel confident; you’ll change how you shop forever!"

Petite ‘Inverted Triangle’ - London

“Thank you Cristina. Since adopting your advice my career and personal life have both taken off! Your ‘Shop with a Stylist’ service is amazing too. You are always so organised when we shop. Your research is magic, I still cannot believe it only took us 2 hours to buy my entire Autumn Winter wardrobe with everything fitting and looking great. Good luck with your app, I know it will be a great success. See you in the Spring!”

5’9” Saucy ‘Apple’ - London

“When you’re looking for an image stylist to transform you, you want someone who you feel comfortable with. Look no further than Cristina. She is lovely and friendly and makes you feel and look wonderful. You also have loads of fun.

I’ve completed both my Colour and my Shape and Style Consultations and more recently my Make-Up Master Class. The difference in the way I dress and the colours I wear has totally transformed me! I constantly get compliments on how I look and what I’m wearing from both male and female friends and colleagues and sometimes total strangers too! It really does make a difference knowing which styles and cuts of dresses, skirts, trousers, etc to buy. I also no longer have those bad mistakes hanging in my wardrobe (the ones I thought I might wear one day but never did).

Having my Colour Consultation also revolutionised the way I look. I now always feel good in what I’m wearing, as I’m not wearing colours that drain me. Cristina has helped me source some fantastic clothes that have had a major impact on my wardrobe. For example I’ve now got a range of tops that suit both my shape and colour so that I can dress up or down and easily mix and match.

My Make-Up Master Class was an eye opener (literally)! Just a few simple tricks here and there have taken years off me. Each is so easy to integrate into my daily routine, but have maximum impact.

Having gone through my transformation I feel so much more confident. I thoroughly recommend using Cristina for any of the above services.”

Petite ‘Pear’, now an ‘Hourglass’! - London

“I thought I'd let you know that I bought those jeans you recommended. They are fab! Very slimming and great to wear with wedge sandals in summer and heeled boots in winter. Thanks for researching and recommending them. I don't think I would have found them otherwise! They are such a good price too. Thank you Cristina!”

5’6” Proud to be ‘Pear’ - London

“Pre Cristina my wardrobe heaved; brimming with lots of uncoordinated ill fitting items. Any new event I had to dress for sent me into a tail spin! Despite a bulging wardrobe, nothing fitted or felt right, so I would head off to the shops to make yet another ‘regret’ purchase.

Now there is nothing in my wardrobe that I don't love! Cristina turned my approach to shopping and wardrobe management on its head, by showing me that less is certainly more. Despite being a dress size more than I would like, everything looks good and flatters my figure as she has taught me to look for items that suit my shape.

More than that, I now feel really confident in the way I dress, and my bank balance is healthier too as I no longer waste money on clothes that are only worn once!”

Petite & Chic ‘Column’ – Zurich

“I stumbled upon Cristina's services after feeling that I was struggling more and more to find clothes that fitted. I was seemingly always surrounded by women far better dressed than I ever could be. ]However, after a fabulous fun-filled morning together, Cristina made me realise how, by just sticking to a few key rules and using a couple of clever little tricks, I could transform my appearance into something to be proud of. Just a ‘wardrobe weed’ and shopping session later and suddenly I became the girl getting all the compliments! But that wasn't the end of the benefits for me; now holiday packing, clothes shopping, special occasions and even getting dressed for work every day are so much simpler with my style and colour rules to follow. Thanks Cristina, for all your help and advice."

Petite ‘Hourglass’ – London

“Cristina is an absolute gem! How I wish I had been introduced to her years ago! She totally demystified colour and styling and set me on the right path to look great. The best bit is how more confident I now feel in front of my own clients.”

Tall ‘Lean Column’ – London

“Cristina is a walking advert for her own services as she always looks so beautifully co-ordinated. She is warm, friendly and welcoming. She gives great advice with honesty, WITHOUT making you feel badly dressed!"

Tall Classy ‘Column’ – London