My Twist

Styling services with an extra twist.

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  1. I have a genuine passion for people and helping you look fantastic... without the stress or strain that often goes with it. Rest assured I know your time is precious too.
  2. I focus on styling advice that suits your body shape and offer help to source your clothes and accessories too. I help you understand the importance of colour and combine them all seamlessly to complement your personality and lifestyle.
  3. I have invested in skills to help you. I am professionally trained and educated, not only as an image stylist, but also as a make-up artist and a bra fitter. This is my full-time profession and definitely not a part-time hobby. My whole career has been in fashion (20+ yrs and counting), though not as a model (I am petite and pear shaped so no chance of that!) I have managed major clothing retail stores, bought and sold ladies and menswear across Europe and assisted many thousands of customers in that time. However, what I love most is dressing people... of all shapes and sizes! Hence why I do what I do. :o)
  4. I utilise latest technology to make sure my advice to you is the very best. For example, my 3D body scanner measures your shape to within 2mm, providing precise information so you understand your shape and exact clothing measurements from 'your chin to your shin'!
  5. I am the only image stylist in the world to offer 3D body scanning services... and have been doing so for the last 14 yrs. How great is that?
  6. This scan technology has helped develop and launch the amazing new Wear Happyness service. Take a look at This website offers easy shopping by your shape.
  7. I have also created a global app for iPhone & iPad, called My Shape Stylist. The app is completely unbiased and thanks to my scan research, my advice is wonderfully accurate. The app is designed to be perfect for shopping, whether in a store or online. Launches onto other platforms are planned in due course. :o)
  8. I happily work evenings and weekends and organise times and dates that suit your busy schedule, so please... never be afraid to ask! :o)