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Mens Suits, Shirts, Jackets, Trousers - Casual & Formal Wear - Made to Measure

What is Made to Measure?

This is an outfit that is made from your measurements, a very personal tailoring service for men. You get to choose your own fabrics and style and then because I am an Image Stylist, I help you select the right style to match your body shape and lifestyle... 

It's a garment that's just what you want it to be... totally personal to you! You never need to compromise again!

It's perfect for men that can never find clothes that fit and those that always want to make the right first impression!

You can see more details, including prices, via my tailoring website 

What Do you Need to Do?

Either I visit you at your home or office or you visit me in my studio in Warfield, near Bracknell in Berkshire. I measure you up  and then we select the fabric options you want. Your measurements and selections are then sent to my tailor who makes your garment, just for you!

If you are always busy, the good news is that once I have your details, you just need to call me to arrange another great fitting outfit.  As long as your measurements remain accurate it's quick, hassle free and can be organised over the telephone. Job done!

Don't forget, for 'perfect' results, invest in my colour and body shape consultations too! 

For more details please give me a call.

How Long Do You Wait?

The whole process takes between 5-6 weeks from when we meet to first fitting date. 

What about Accessories?

To ensure you get the perfect outfit, I am also able to source for you exclusive Amanda Christensen ties, handkerchiefs and cravats - to give you that sparkling finish and ensure you stand out from the crowd!

Why such Amazing Value?

I am a mobile tailor (with no shop rental overheads and sales assistants wages to pay), so you not only get styling advice and top quality British and Italian fabrics, you also get a made to measure outfit at less than a third the retail price you would pay in Savile Row, London.

Prices start from £495 for a two piece suit and from £95 for a made to measure shirt.  Plus don't worry, I have an extensive range available at the above starting price!

Enviro Friendly?

Your garment is manufactured to order, so there is minimal waste. You get a great fitting, eye-catching outfit and the environment benefits too.

That's Not All!

Outstanding customer service is key to my success and I am only happy being the best at what I do. My promises include:

1. No charges if you decide not to order.

2. Added value services when you visit me.

3. Discounts on future purchases and for successful referrals.

4. Vast ranges of fabrics and styles (both new and classic) which are regularly reviewed and refined to meet your individual needs.

There really is... 'No Place Like Holm!'