My Colour

Now let's get your favourite colour from the menu below and hit GO! to see what it says about your personality!

Know Your Colours

Wearing the right colours for your skin complexion, eye and hair colour can make the difference between looking fantastically healthy or horribly ill.  It is almost as important as wearing the right style of garment for your body shape!

Don't Delay, Learn your Colours today

I believe everyone (men as well as women) should invest in visiting a colour expert to understand the colours that are best for them.  Or more precisely, understand the shades of colours that suit you!  Even if you live too far away to meet me, search online to find a colour consultant near to you today.

Your colour palette is 100% linked to your make up too, so make sure the consultant you visit also has cosmetic training, for best results.

Whether it's a seasonal analysis, or (my preferred) tonal analysis, you will see which colour tones are best for you.  Far too many ladies ignore (or are unaware of) their natural palettes.  Please don't be one of them.  You will get quick payback on your investment, as you will save money by only buying colours that suit you, as well as enjoying all those lovely compliments!  

What to Expect from your Consultation

Your colours should always be analysed face to face.  It CANNOT be done online as computer screens change the shades you see!  PLUS your session should always (always!) be carried out in natural daylight hours and in a room with plenty of natural light within it for accurate results. 

You will sit in front of a mirror and colour drapes will be held up to your face and you will see for yourself which colour tones look great on you (and those that don't).  A well trained consultant always uses gold & silver drapes that quickly identify whether you are cool or warm, which is an important element determining the colour palette best for you.

Your session should take 60-90 minutes per person. I recommend 1:1 sessions although a joint session with a friend or family member is great fun too. 

Just remember, you shouldn't wear make up for your session and your consultation should include learning your make up palette too. 

Swatches to Take Away (and Use!!)

To help you remember your colours, your consultant should give you a small pack of fabrics (called a swatch), which will be your colour tones.  This swatch should be easy to fit into your handbag to use when out shopping.  I recommend fabric swatches ahead of anything in print. 

Personally, I also provide a bespoke make up 'swatch' so you know exactly what colour make up you should buy when you go shopping.

So...Where Can I Buy Clothes Online that Are MY COLOURS?

One day, I hope to influence all online retailers to communicate the colour shades of the garments they sell (in fact they should already if they want to reduce returns!)  However, great news!  I already know some that do... so contact me (once you know your colours) to find out more!

Once you understand your colours, link these to your personality, then shop for clothes that are styled to complement your body shape and invest in items that match your lifestyle!  It's easier than you think!

Style to your Shape

Matching the right colours with the right style and you will notice a lot more attention.  For all the right reasons.  :o)

By doing so, I guarantee you will not only look great and feel fabulous, you'll love the confidence it brings too!

Overlay your Personality

Wearing the right colours make you glow and look healthy. However you can also show your personality through the colours you wear. 

Select your favourite colour in my colour guide above, then select 'Go' to read more about what your favourite colour says about you!

Match to Lifestyle

Create a 'wardrobe you wear' by purchasing the right range of outfits for your lifestyle (i.e. work, rest and play!)

Mix and match with accessories (like hats, jewellery, scarves, belts, bags and shoes) to create the illusion of an endless, fabulous wardrobe!